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In Sacramento County, you can register to vote or update your registration at the County Registrar of Voters or a Vote Center through election day...  


November 6, 2018


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Measure U (2012) Oversight Committee

Who has been watching Measure U?

Impartial Analysis of Measure U - by City Attorney

General Tax vs Special Tax

New Measure U is a General Tax


Do you know the difference between a general tax and a special tax? 


General Taxes go into the General Fund and can be spent on ANYTHING.

Special Taxes go into a Special Tax Fund and can only be spent on what was promised to us when we voted.

General Taxes only require a vote of 50% plus .1% to pass.

Special Taxes require a 2/3rds vote or over 66.7% to pass.


You are going to hear many promises from the City of Sacramento about how Measure U is going to solve problems, but is it?  If the City of Sacramento had a plan on how they were going to solve all our problems maybe we could believe them.  If the City of Sacramento had a plan then Measure U would be a Special Tax, the fact is there is no plan.  Sure they have lots of ideas but no plan.  No details on which program will actually get funds.  This makes us sad. 


In reality not one dime has to go to help the homeless, not one dime has to go towards affordable housing, not one dime has to go anywhere.  In reality all the funds can go to fund promises made by unions to public employees to fund underfunded pensions and give salary increases.  Did you know the City Council wants to give themselves a raise?  Can you give yourself a raise?  This makes us sad.



No on Measure U FPPC # 1409181
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