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August 22, 2018 

Boondoggle:  a project that is considered a waste of both time and money, yet is often continued due to extraneous policy or political motivations. Source:


Did you see that?  Probably not because it was done without any analysis, hardly any discussion, no media was there, shhhhh…. They didn’t want you to notice what they were doing.


Last night, the Sacramento City Council by a vote of 7-2 passed a new ordinance that requires new construction to provide Project Labor Agreements.  Contractors for City projects need to belong to a union and pay workers union wages.  That’s good, right?


Depends… Yay for higher wages, Boo for higher costs to us.  Yay for unions collecting dues, Boo for workers that have to pay union dues to have a job.  Yay for those construction companies that can afford to belong to a union, Boo for small construction companies barely getting by.


Why do we care that there was no analysis by the City?  They just increased costs of their pet projects by about 15%, here’s a few examples:





Convention Center



Community Theatre



Memorial Auditorium







How quick can you spend $51,000,000, not as quick as the City?


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September 5, 2018



Boondoggle:  a project that is considered a waste of both time and money, yet is often continued due to extraneous policy or political motivations. Source:


Let’s see… If the City of Sacramento voters pass Measure U and raise the city sales tax to a full 8.75%, where will you shop? 


The only city in Sacramento County with a sales tax of 8.75% is Isleton, not exactly a bustling metropolis or shoppers’ paradise…


Here’s what you’ll pay in other parts of Sacramento County and various surrounding cities

Citrus Heights


Elk Grove




West Sacramento














Yuba City


San Francisco




Rancho Cordova


San Francisco



Is this shopper friendly behavior?  Is this business friendly behavior?

Nope, but businesses in all surrounding cities would just love it.

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September 25, 2018

Boondoggle:  a project that is considered a waste of both time and money, yet is often continued due to extraneous policy or political motivations. Source:


You need to hear this.  I just got a pile of letters from the City of Sacramento from voters just like you.  People are NOT HAPPY with the New Measure U, I need to share their comments with you, and I didn’t correct the grammar… this is just what they said:


Emails to City Council:


Mark:  I’d hate to see liars made out of the council’s promise that Measure U was temporary so at our house we will be voting no on the 1% tax increase.  Had the council done anything to resolve overspending on salaries, pensions and OPEB costs they might have a leg to stand on but no…  We will be helping to defeat this in any way we can and if we fail, Elk Grove’s new Costco is just 10 miles down the road….


Sharon:  Now the council wants citizens to believe that they will use half of the increase in the sales tax to fund a series of nebulous projects.  Yet they propose this increase as a general increase in order to only require 51 percent passage threshold.  And there is no mechanism to hold the council accountable to spend the funds on any of these nebulous projects.  The old say(ing) goes “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”


Gregory:  Taxes on retail sales is regressive and hurts the poor the most – and they typically reap the least benefit from the tax burden.  I cannot support a vote on extending Measure U…


Sacramento Area Fire Fighters Local 522:  It appears that there is not an alternative plan or direction for the City to take if this fails in November…  We are concerned that doubling the tax rate will make it substantially more difficult to pass and quite possibly fail in November.  While many of the “new service” ideas are interesting, the City should not add more services at the expense of the existing under-funded essential services. 


Brad:  This is another bait and switch that our Mayor and his cronies pitch all the time.  When money goes into the general fund and (when) not earmarked it (is) never seen again.


Frank:  Really concerned about the measure money going to (the) general fund.  So many times we have voted for additional revenue money for government and not being used for intended purpose. 


Adrian:  I normally do not contact any council member(s) because it does not seem that our option or voice matters.  Therefore my only option is to speak to as many residents as possible and tell them the truth and to vote NO if this is placed on the ballot in November. 


Scott:  I am growing increasingly concerned that our Mayor is going to bankrupt the City.  And I am concerned that Measure U staying in place… doubling the Measure U sales tax to pay for a $240M expansion of the convention center is a terrible idea.


Bill:  The last time the City’s Measure U Oversight Committee met, according to the City’s website, was in March 2017…. I see this as the City kind of breaking trust with the community, the very people who they want to vote for this tax increase.


Susan:  I’m not voting for Measure U to increase and extend the sales tax.  The budget for the Convention Center blew up….


Dodie:  I think this is very bad for Sacramento.


Author unknown:  I am against increasing sales taxes…


Author unknown:  Sir, surely you know sales tax hurt poor and middle class workers more than most taxes.  We don’t need more tax to pay for government pensions that are unbelievably generous and that the vast majority of normal workers don’t have.


Author unknown:  Good evening Mayor Steinberg… can you curb your excitement for raising taxes?  The thought of having more money taken from me is a very hard pill to swallow.


Another one:  Leading up to 2012, it was services.  Voters passed Measure U, there were still funding problems, “Not enough staff, not enough money.”  But there is enough money to spend $340 million for the Convention Center and theater district, another $170 million or so for the Memorial Auditorium, and as always, millions more for other pet projects. 


Another one:  I’m not in support of the Measure U sales tax extension.


Phone calls to Mayor’s office:


Carole:  Against future Measure U


Susan:  Called to say she is against Measure U


Sam:  He is against the proposed sales tax hike, against Measure U


Emails sent to “Email Darrell”:


Loni:  We don’t need more taxes, I’ve lived all my life in Sacramento and it has become more and more taxes… we have a surplus of money why do you want to tax everyone out of living here… I am a senior citizen and can barely live here as it is.


Carla:  Raising the tax, NO!!! I have 5 voters in my household!!!... Our taxes have chased businesses out of our area!!!  No more stealing our money!!!


David:  I am opposed to your proposal to raise the sales tax for the City.  You politicians always use the housing affordability, homelessness and other feel good, do nothing solutions to those issues but never fix them…  You promise a temporary tax which invariably becomes permanent… pie in the sky proposals won’t solve a thing. 


Hey, by the way, did you get your yard sign?

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