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Don't DOUBLE the tax.


Back in 2012 the City of Sacramento was cutting essential services. They cut the police force, they closed fire stations, cut park and library services.  As a temporary solution voters passed a 1/2 percent sales tax hike to restore services back to pre-recession levels. 

What we were told:

Measure U would bring in $25 Million per year and restore the services.  Measure U said it would have an Oversight Committee that met twice a year.  Measure U said it was temporary, only 6 years, while city revenues recovered. 

What actually happened:

Measure U was a huge success.  Look at this revenue:

Fiscal Year Revenue  Expenses 
 2012/13 $4,820,000 $2,188,000
 2013/14 $43,194,000 $19,290,000
 2014/15 $43,945,000 $28,475,000
 2015/16 $42,484,000 $42,484,000
 2016/17 $45,393,000 $47,496,000
 2017/18 Estimated $47,300,000   


Look at those numbers...  The City of Sacramento hit the lottery with Measure U!  Almost double what they told us it would be.  Did we get double the service promised?

Keep in mind, this is currently a 1/2 cent tax.  The city sales tax rate today is 8.25%.  March 31, 2019 the city sales tax rate would go to 7.75% if we don't vote for the New Measure U.  If the city gets its way.... get ready for 8.75% sales tax.

What else?  The Measure U Oversight Committee only meets twice a year, if they meet at all.  In 2018, they haven't met.  They actually haven't met since March 2017.  Where's the oversight?

Let's talk about regressive taxes for a minute... don't zone out here, it's important to us.  A sales tax like this takes (out of our pockets) a higher percentage of your income the less you make.  Here's an example:  

Transparent California says that Darrell Steinberg makes about $108,700 per year as mayor.  The median income in Sacramento is $52,071 according to the census bureau.  We are both going to buy a new 2019 Prius for $21,530 (base model, I'm cheap). Here's how regressive taxes work:   

$21,530 x sales tax rate of 8.75% = $1,883.88 in sales tax

What percentage of my income is this compared to Darrell's income?

Darrell:  $1,883.88 / $108,700 = 1.7% of Darrell's income

Us:  $1,883.88 / $52,071 =  3.62%  of my income (LOOK AT THAT)

See why this matters to us?  Stay tuned, there's more to come. 


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Register to Vote

It's ok if you haven't registered to vote yet.  These's plenty of time.

In Sacramento County, you can still register to vote or update your registration at the County Registrar of Voters Office OR a Vote Center location through election day.


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